Friday, January 24, 2014


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Ruthie Be Maude started because we apparently don't already have enough to do...

Who is Ruthie? Ruthie (Lauralee) loves to sew, decorate her house, and cook home cooked meals. She loves creating beautiful new things for her home with paint, wood, metal, fabric, and all sorts of other things all while managing a family of 5! She is an idea machine and a truly creative soul. She has the most fabulous fashion sense and is the nicest person in the world. Oh, and she's a hair stylist too!

Who is Maude? Maude (Chelsea) loves to sew and also designs fabric. With the help of Lauralee she's learning to take more time for herself and her home. She enjoys baking sweet treats, loves thrift store shopping, and has a growing collection of beat up furniture in need of some serious TLC. She runs a small at home business designing patterns and fabric, manages a household of six, and is currently learning how to be "cuter" from Lauralee.

(We totally took these pictures with our phones. Better one's coming soon or eventually.)

What is Ruthie Be Maude? It's a place for us to release our creative beasts! If we don't put our ideas out into the universe, they'll just keep reappearing in our dreams and we'll go mad. Simply mad.

We created Ruthie Be Maude as a place to share our ideas with others and to give us an excuse to do things to our homes and our stuff that our husbands normally wouldn't allow.

We're also lucky enough to be neighbors and we're the best of friends. When we put our heads together things get pretty messy, but it always turns into something amazing.

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