Friday, April 25, 2014


There's nothing better than finally getting to see your designs on fabric! Floriography is my first line with Riley Blake Designs and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out!  

Quilt Market is just a few weeks away and we'll be sewing like mad women to get everything done for my booth. Check in often to watch the progress and then see the booth in it's entirety May 16th! 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Peeps, Peeps, and more Peeps!

Sorry we have been MIA lately.  With another fun holiday weekend and family in town life gets a little crazy.  Hopefully now things will slow down and get back to normal.
If your anything like us you have tons of Easter candy leftover, especially PEEPS!  Even though they are so yummy there are only so many I can eat.  I searched my favorite place, PINTEREST, and found a delicious way to use these little sweeties up.
Sometimes my cooking from pinterest posts don't turn out that well but this one was quick and easy and DELICIOUS!  Thank you Kristin at for the amazing picture and recipe.

Enjoy.  I think I need to go make me some right now!


Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY Stenciled Parson Chair Slipcovers...

Making your own Parson Chair Slipcovers is easy! Easier than you think, 

And I'm going to show you how.

Supply List: 

*2.5 - 3yds of fabric per chair 
Matching thread
 Computer, Printer, Paper
Masking Tape
Foam Paint Brush
Acrylic paint in the color of your choice

*To be sure take measurements of your chair to figure out how much fabric is needed. You may want longer or shorter skirt. I did 3yds per chair to be safe and just in case I messed up the numbering, but I did have about 1/2 yd left over at the end. 

Tip: I left my fabric folded so that I could cut out two at a time and then I used those pieces as pattern pieces to cut out the other two. 

1. Piece 1: Place the fabric over the chair cushion and cut it leaving extra length on the end and the sides. You can follow the angles of the cushion when you cut or just leave it with excess fabric. It doesn't matter because you are going to custom fit it in a minute.  You'll pin, trim, and then sew.

2. Piece 2: Lay the fabric over the back of the chair, leaving a little extra and cut it. Pin the two pieces together.

3. Piece 3: Cut a third piece for the front of the chair, that is a little longer than from the cushion to floor. Pin to piece 1. 

4. Sew the pieces together. 

5. Cut out 2 side pieces and pin them to Piece 1 and Piece 3. Sew them together.

It's ok to have excess fabric on the edges because you can pin, trim, and then sew.

6. Pin the sides, nice and snug. Trim and sew.

 Tip: I serged all the edges to keep them from fraying and to help the top fit snug, I sewed a curve around the top corners of the chair. 


7. Turn the cover right side out and make sure everything is fitting snug. If it's loose anywhere, re-pin and sew. 

8. Decide where you want to hem it, pin it, trim it, then sew it. Done!

To stencil numbers or letters on the back. 

1. On your printer, print out the numbers/letters of your choice. I used the Engravers MT font at size 900. 

2. Tape over the entire number with clear packing tape

3. Cut out the black part of the number, tape or pin it to the back of the chair (where you want it)

4. Use a foam brush and dab paint over the number. When you get close to one of the edges, press down right on the edge with your hand to keep the paint bleeding outside of the edges. 

I pulled the stencil right off and then let it dry. Done!

 If you make a mistake when painting, consider using your left over fabric to make a large patch. Cut it out to be slightly larger than the number. Maybe 9.5" x 12" or whatever looks good to you. Sew around all the edge of the fabric, then dampen the fabric and throw it in the dryer to fray the edges. Trim it up so there isn't any crazy long threads. Paint the numbers onto the fabric then sew the fabric to the back of the chair cover, covering up your mess up.  This will just give an even more vintage and authentic look. Everyone will love it!  

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Good Luck!