Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chloe & Mieko - Threads That Bind

Made especially for the Children of Japan who survived the Tusnami in 2011. Hundreds of shirts were made and sent over to bring love, friendship, and hope to the children who were affected by the tragedy. This Free pattern is still available for you to enjoy! Share it with someone in need or someone you love.  Make and extra and send it to us! We will send it in a care package to other children in need.

To print the pattern pieces, right click on the image and then resize to 8.5"wide. There is a yellow square for a printing reference to make sure you have the right size. This pattern is very forgiving, since they're just embellishment pieces, it's ok if they don't print just the right size :)

This is Haruno...
A little girl in an orphanage in Japan. She just loved her shirt!

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