Friday, March 7, 2014

Contact Paper

For Chloe's room I wanted to do a fun wall with giant polka dots.  I love Polka Dots!! But I didn't want to paint them on because I tend to change my mind a lot.  I didn't want to have to sand the wall to repaint it.  I have used vinyl before and love how easy it is to use and remove.  But for a project this size it would be a small fortune.  So I found the next best thing.  CONTACT PAPER!!!! It is my new best friend.  It is easy to apply and remove.  I'm in love. I know I know now you are all wondering where can I buy this amazing stuff.  I found mine at Lowes. You can get a giant roll for around $10. I still haven't used a whole roll yet.  I know Home Depot has it as well.  You can also find different colors online. 
For the huge polka dots I just traced a dinner plate on the back of the contact paper and cut it out.  Peel the backing off and stick it to the wall. Easy as that.  I originally had these on a different wall.  I changed my mind, he he he, and just pulled them off and stuck them on where I wanted them.
In our kitchen we don't have a back splash.  We are still trying to decide what we want to do sooo in the meantime I used my handy dandy contact paper and added chevron.  I love it!  The best part is that when I'm ready to install a real back splash I can just peel this one off.  
My sister has also used contact paper for her back splash.  She cut 3" x 6 " pieces of contact paper with a rotary cutter, ruler , and cutting mat and then just stuck them on her wall. This is also a great option if your renting.  A fun way to add some character without it being permanent or causing any damage.

You can also use contact paper in your cricut or sillouette. 

My sister also added these darling stripes in her boys bedroom.  I am wanting to do the same thing in Kayla's room.  I love the stripes!

  I hope I have given you lots of options to get your creative juices flowing.  The possibilities are endless. 
Happy Crafting


  1. Love! I've been reading that contact paper is hard to remove but it doesn't look like you had any problems.

  2. If you leave it on for awhile it is very difficult to remove. They make removable wall paper borders and decorations for this purpose. if it isn't in your own home, I'd be cautious.