Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY French Inspired Distressed Dining Table...

For those of you who loved my Dining Room Makeover from last week and want to know how to distress your own dining table, we've got a tutorial!


  • a sturdy old dining table
  • course sand paper to sand down the table
  • base coat in paint in Beach House White, by Behr from Home Depot with primer in it
  • top coat of paint in Gem Turquoise by Behr
  • steel wool
  • medium or fine sandpaper for distressing
  • roller brush with an additional brush and 2 - 4 foam brushes
  • clear topcoat
  • tarp to protect the floor

My table has already been painted white for a few years, so I don't have a picture of this first step.

1.First sand your table and get off an lacquer or bumps and be sure to sand out any scratches or dents too. Wipe off the table and let it dry. Paint  the table with a roller brush in Beach House White and let it completely dry.

2. Poor a big blob of your top coat color, smack dab in the middle of the table and evenly roll it on the entire top of the table. While it is still wet, run a foam brush over the top to give it a little vintage hand painted look. Then evenly paint the sides and base of the table with the foam brush.

3. Let the table completely dry. Next gently sand the whole entire table with the steel wool. This gets rid of bubbles, bumps, and little paint blobs you may have missed. This might rub off some of the paint, but you'll want to use the sand paper for that to really get a nice distressed look. 

sand the table with steel wool
Pay no attention to the paint on my...oops!

Using the medium coarse sandpaper, sand the sides, edges, and top of the table. I just did it randomly all over until I liked the way it looked. If you mess up, just paint over it with the foam brush and then buff it out with the steel wool. 

 Wipe the table down really well and get rid of any loose particles. Put a finishing polycrylic clear coat over the top to protect your work. I gave it 2 coats to be safe.  Let it dry and wipe it down with soap and water. All Done!

Send us pictures of your new table! We'd love to see them:


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  1. Are u going to do a turorial on the parson chairs? I LOVE them!