Monday, March 17, 2014

Nail Polish and a Little Sparkle

So if you know me and are reading this you know my obsession with painting my nails. I feel more put together when they are freshly painted.  The only problem is that they chip and peel and never last. Ahhh!   I have searched far and wide for the perfect combo to making nail polish last for more than 1 day.  I think I have finally done it!
Nail polish remover
Gelous gel base coat
Nail polish
Chill Zone topcoat or Out the Door topcoat
 The ONYX Professional Nail Polish Remover is awesome!  It takes your polish off so fast  I love it.  I got mine at Walmart.  I heard about this base coat on pinterest and thought "what do I have to lose?"   I went and bought it and it worked!  So I went back and bought a few more bottles so I wouldn't run out.  I got Mine at Sally's Beauty Supply.  Remember to get the one with the green lid.  Grab your favorite nail polish color.  And last but not least the topcoat.  There are 2 that I really like.  The first one is called Chill Zone.  I have a beauty license so I can purchase this from Peerless.  If you don't have a license you will have to ask someone you know who does really nice maybe with some sugar cookies to go get you some.  Its amazing!  The second one I really like is Out the Door top coat.  You can buy this one from Sally's Beauty Supply which is open to the public.
Now that you have all your needed supplies lets get started. 
1- Remove all your old nail polish and file nails to desired shape.  I like mine really short.
2- Swipe each nail one more time with nail polish remover.  This gets all the oils off helping the polish stay on longer.
3- Paint nails with the Gelous base coat and let dry for 1 minute.
4- Paint nails with nail polish and let dry for 1 minute.
5- Paint nails with Gelous base coat and let dry for 1 minute.
6- Paint nails with nail polish and let dry for 1 minute.
7- Paint nails with topcoat and let dry fully.
After painting my nails this way they will usually stay looking really nice for almost a week!
Now that you have fabulous nails.  How does that wedding ring of yours look?  If it looks anything like mine it probably has lotion, dirt, hairspray, and who knows what else stuck in it making it look dull.
As I have said before I love sparkly things and so it's time to polish up the old ring.  I am a lover of DIY so I called my jeweler and asked her how I could clean my ring myself.  With a 3 year old a trip to the jewelers to have them clean my ring sounds like pure torture.  So here is what she told me.  Now I can clean my ring anytime I want. Woo hoo!
You will need windex, a glass, and an old toothbrush.
Pour a little bit of windex in your glass, enough to cover your ring.  Place your glass with windex in the microwave and warm for 30 seconds.  Careful when you take it out it can get hot.
Drop your rings in while it is still hot and let it work its magic.  I usually leave mine in for about a minute.  Take them out and dip the toothbrush in the windex and scrub your ring inside and out.  Rinse with water and dry off.
This is my favorite part, putting it back on and admiring how sparkly is looks again.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
Now we have fabulous nails and a sparkly ring!  Success!
Happy Painting!

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