Sunday, March 2, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Pillows...

Here's a few more fun PDF pillow patterns to add to your collection! 
Do you see a trend here? Yep, we'll be doing pillows for every holiday and sometimes just for fun. All of these are Free tutorials on our blog. Just click on the links!

First up we have 7 So Lucky. This 18" pillow is a piece of cake to make. I literally sewed it up in under 30 minutes, but you do have to give the paint some time to dry, so plan for that! It's made from burlap and I was lucky enough to find some burlap with gold thread weaved in! Love it!

Pot of Gold is also an 18" pillow with a zipper closure. If you hate zippers, don't worry! Our step by step instructions make it easy. And those glitter dots are TDF.

End of the Rainbow is a really fun and easy to make ruffle pillow! It's a custom finished size of 19" x 9.5" so you will need to make your own pillow insert. Instructions are included for that too! 

Lucky You!


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