Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ruthie Be Maude Banners...

 We hope you enjoyed our bedroom makeover post and the
striped curtain tutorial.

Now onto the next one! Ruthie Be Maude Banners.
These banners are so much fun and a piece of cake to make. The possibilities are literally endless. We've got three different examples here to get your creative juices flowing...

Chloe's Name Banner - for bedrooms or birthdays
This banner cost us under $20 for everything

 LOVE Banner - for valentines or weddings or even a photo shoot back drop
This banner cost us $28 to make and that includes the burlap ribbon

PROM Banner - for dances or other special events. You could do
Sadie's, Morp, or for Graduation 'Class of 2014'
This banner cost us under $10 for everything

 We have 4 different frames to choose from and 2 different fonts. We recommend using paper that is firm for the frames like card stock or poster board and use ribbon or twine to hang it. You can also use fabric! We'll probably come up with some more examples in the future too. 

The banners are pretty self explanatory so we don't have a tutorial, but here's a brief explanation:

 -Cut out the frames and letters from the templates provided
 -Trace onto your choice of paper for both the frames and the letters
-Glue the letters to the frames.
-Punch holes in the top of the frames (there are marks indicating where)
-Thread a ribbon through

Download Ruthie Be Maude Banners HERE

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