Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our favorite recipes...

We like to cook, but let's face it, DIY Mom's don't usually have the best track record of getting dinner to the table every night. (At least that's what we keep telling ourselves). Still, the family has to eat! 

Here we'll share some of own quick and easy recipes, but mostly just one's that we've already tried and we love from other fabulous Chef's. We'll always credit where we got what we're eating and link to it, so it's easy for you to find. 

Gluten Free Crepes

Best Sugar Cookies and Frosting Ever

 Apple Butternut Soup

Monday, January 27, 2014


Coming Soon...

Here we'll post pictures of our favorite projects to inspire you!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Contact us: ruthiebemaude@gmail.com

Ruthie Be Maude started because we apparently don't already have enough to do...

Who is Ruthie? Ruthie (Lauralee) loves to sew, decorate her house, and cook home cooked meals. She loves creating beautiful new things for her home with paint, wood, metal, fabric, and all sorts of other things all while managing a family of 5! She is an idea machine and a truly creative soul. She has the most fabulous fashion sense and is the nicest person in the world. Oh, and she's a hair stylist too!

Who is Maude? Maude (Chelsea) loves to sew and also designs fabric. With the help of Lauralee she's learning to take more time for herself and her home. She enjoys baking sweet treats, loves thrift store shopping, and has a growing collection of beat up furniture in need of some serious TLC. She runs a small at home business designing patterns and fabric, manages a household of six, and is currently learning how to be "cuter" from Lauralee.

(We totally took these pictures with our phones. Better one's coming soon or eventually.)

What is Ruthie Be Maude? It's a place for us to release our creative beasts! If we don't put our ideas out into the universe, they'll just keep reappearing in our dreams and we'll go mad. Simply mad.

We created Ruthie Be Maude as a place to share our ideas with others and to give us an excuse to do things to our homes and our stuff that our husbands normally wouldn't allow.

We're also lucky enough to be neighbors and we're the best of friends. When we put our heads together things get pretty messy, but it always turns into something amazing.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Striped Curtain Tutorial...

Striped Curtains
 by Lauralee Billingsley

Fabric Requirements
9 foot ceilings
Fabric A 2 ½ yards
Fabric B 1 ¾ yards

8 foot ceilings
Fabric A 2 ¼ yards
Fabric B 1 ½ yards
(yardage is for one curtain panel)

You’ll also need
1 yard of matching ribbon 1/4”-1/2” wide
Matching thread
Cutting mat
Rotary cutter and ruler

 These curtains are a fun addition to any room.  There are so many color combinations to choose from giving you a custom look.  Hanging curtains touching the ceiling gives you the illusion of a bigger room and higher ceilings. They are easy to make and will become one of your favorite patterns.

Cutting instructions for 9’ ceilings
From fabric A cut2 @ 21” x width of fabric
Cut 3 @ 13” x width of fabric

From fabric B cut 4 @ 13” x width of fabric

Cutting instructions for 8’ ceilings
From fabric A cut 2 @ 19 ¾” x width of fabric
Cut 3 @ 11 ¾” x width of fabric

From fabric B cut 4 @ 11 ¾” x width of fabric

-This is for one curtain panel-

 Step 1
Place one of the fabric B strips on top of one of the bigger fabric A strips:

Step 2
Stitch together using a ½” seam allowance. Finish seams by serging or using a zig zag stitch:

Step 3
Open the strip and lay flat. Place one of the smaller fabric A pieces on top of the fabric B piece.  Stitch in place.

Step 4
Open and lay piece flat.  Lay another fabric B strip on top of the last Fabric A strip you sewed on.  Stitch in place using a ½” seam allowance, finishing seams as well.  Repeat with all remaining strips ending with the large Fabric A piece.

Step 5  
Press seams towards the darkest color.

Step 6
 Fold the sides of the curtain panel towards the back 1”.  Press


 Step 7
 Fold the sides of the curtain panel towards the back 1” again.  Press and pin in place.  Stitch in place along the inside folded edge.

Step 8
 Fold the top of the curtain panel towards the back 4”. Press fold.

Step 9
Fold the top of the panel over again 4”.  Press fold.  Stitch in place along the inside fold.  Repeat with the bottom hem of the curtain panel.

Step 10
 Cut the ribbon into 4” pieces.  Fold top and bottom of the ribbon piece under ½”.  Place the first ribbon onto the front edge of the curtain,  Starting 1” from the top of the curtain.  Stitch in place along the top and bottom of the ribbon.  Repeat on the other top front edge of the curtain panel.

 Step 11
Finding the center of the top edge of the curtain panel., place a ribbon on the back side.  Stitch in place.  Evenly space 2 more ribbons between the center and edge ribbons.  Stitch in place and repeat on the other side of the center ribbon.  Make sure these are all sewn on the back side of the curtain.

 When hanging these on a curtain rod fold the edge towards the back and slide rod through the ribbon.  Continue threading the rod through the ribbons and fold the last edge towards the back and thread rod through ribbon.  This helps hide the side seams. 
Stand back and enjoy your fabulous new curtains!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Email us at ruthiebemaude@gmail.com
for more info on where to ship your donations

You can also submit a request to have our charity patterns sent to your area if there is a need. What a great gift to cheer up sick children in a hospital, foster kids who are going to new homes, or just someone who's in need.  Requests can be send to ruthiebemaude@gmail.com. 

Please put Charity Request in the Subject box.